(něco k zamyšlení od naší Oktávy na téma: Školy nepřipravují mladé lidi na život v reálném světě)

Every year we learn at school thousands of new things. For example in Maths Pythagorean theorem, combinatorial numbers....But the question is: How does this prepare us for the life? On the other hand, it is shown that Maths develops the capacity of our brains. It allows us to calculate numbers of different things. Without Maths we could not even count the money in the store... I think that most of subjects will be completely useless for us in later life but they give us a general knowledge of things around us.

Tereza Malá

Thanks to learning in schools you know a lot of things and furthermore you have better chance of getting a good job.

Jiří Vodička

It is very important to have good education but in my opinion students should be taught the basec knowledge how to survive in the real world. Furtunately, I go to excellent school which offers project education as well as spare time activities in the Academy of Promise and we have enough opportunities to choose what is important for each of us.

Michaela Kročilová

We can say we learn a lot of things we do not need and we will not use again. But on the other hand, in this time we are nothing without schools. Maybe we will not need all of the arithmetics but we will need to know how to calculate with our money. The other things we will need for our next school, for our future job. And the rest? Just for being an intelligent person. Nobody knows what he will need some day, does he? And also the school teaches us one very important thing - how to communicate with each other and how to be resposible for our work and decisions. And it is very important for our "real life".

Tereza Hamplová

Schools do not prepare the young for everyday life, when they must take care about themselves. Schools do not teach them how to manage with money, how to apply for a job. Although school teaches them how to be honest, fair and right, the real world is dishonest, unfair. Unfortunately, in the real world, money and power are more important... Nobody can prepare students for real life. They must live and life will teach them.

Tomáš Buřič

People say that our educational system is one of the best in the world. And I think it is true but in my opinion the schools can not prepare students for life. Students will prepare themselves for life in their future work, when they earn money and they simply have to be prepared or they will just fail. And nobody will care about them.

Pavel Kolert

If I consider this statement as a question, initially my answer would be NO! Because I am a student and I do not feel prepared for life in the real world. But is it a real purpose of schools and teachers to prepare young people for life in the real world?... The question is what schools usually do for their students. Of course they try to teach them as many new things as possible... but is it good and enough? Most young people take school as a necessity and not as something what helps them. Young people do not want to obey and that is the reason why they are not able to be prepared for life in the real world.

Anatolij Iljuk

Everyday thousands of students have to learn a lot of subjects. Some subjects they will probably never need for their future job or practical life. Generations after generations ask themselves: is it really necessary to learn many things that we will not need? On the other hand people are prepared for the fact that in real life there are many things which must be done like paying tax, electricity, waiting in queues... nothing is perfect... This system of educations is also not perfect but nobody has not thought up anything better. In my opinion there is no reason to be angry because of something boring. You should do what you think you must do for yourself.

Tomáš Veselý